Production Credits
Banner Bank Building
50% less energy use
80% less water use
32% return on investment

Green is the Color of Money
Gary Christensen, Developer
Rick Hunter, Architect
Amy Hellmund, Architect
David Gibney, LEED AP
Nathan Charlton, Structural Engineer
Wes Smith, Electrical Engineer
Charles Paulin, Mechanical Engineer

Directed by Ben Shedd

Produced & Written by 
Ben Shedd
Jennifer Isenhart

Edited by Andy Lawless

Music by Kevin Kirk

Associate Producer Alex McNish 
McNish Productions

Director of Photography: Tom Hadzor
HD Camera Operators: Tom Hadzor, Bill Krumm, 
Andy Lawless, Tyler Neisinger
Additional Editing and Wise Council: Bill Krumm
Production Crew: Matt Dewey

Still Photography: Guiseppe Saitta
Ben Shedd, David Gibney, Bob Thornton, Marva Schwager, David Madsen, CMC Steel
Special Assistant: Callay Boire-Shedd

Introduction by Christine Ervin
First President and CEO
U.S. Green Building Council

Titles Graphics: Jeffrey Young
3D Animation: Alfred deVarona
Timelapse & Photomotion: Andy Lawless
Aerial Photography: Leo Geis, Idaho Airships, Inc.

Construction Timelapse provided by 
iBeam Systems, Boise, Idaho

Special Thanks:
The Banner Bank Building
Design and the Construction Crew
Marva Schwager, Bill Beck, Tucker Anderson
Tom Allen, Vicki Robertson, Mark Wilson
David Musgrove, Shelby Stuart, Rex Hansen
Adam Lyman, Brad Bird, Kenneth Dick
Russell Corporation, Bob Thornton
Mark Johnson, Rich Westerbeck, Brad Frazer
James Lindsey, Magnum Demolition

Idaho Governor James Risch
Boise Mayor David Bieter
Jack Goertner
Warren Kline, Michaella Wittmann, Douglas Bayne
Sondra Miller, Rebecca Mirsky
Boise State University LEED Engineering Students
Billy Milligan, Jefferson Mack, Kent Fritchman
and the Tenants of the Banner Bank Building

Funding by 
York International/
Johnson Controls
Banner Bank
CII Communication Integrators, Inc.

Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins
Little Brown, copyright ©1999
Rocky Mountain Institute, copyright 1999-2006

The Green Skyscraper:
The Basis for Designing Sustainable Intensive Buildings
by Ken Yeang
Prestel Verlag, copyright 1999

Green is the Color of Money

Banner Bank Building
The Christensen Corporation
Boise, Idaho

USGBC, LEED®, and its logos 
are registered trademarks
of the U.S. Green Building Council

Produced in High Definition by
Shedd Productions, Inc.
Films to set the mind soaring
Wide Eye Productions, Inc.

Copyright ©2006 Shedd Productions, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.  Copyright ©2007-present Shedd Productions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. Version 06/01/12

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